Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our little Mexican jumping bean...

Ok of course our baby's not Mexican, but you get the idea...yesterday Al and I went to my 8-week checkup. This was our first doctor's appointment together so I was so excited that he could be with me. I was also ridiculously nervous (and so was Al apparently) because I so badly wanted to see something on the ultrasound this time...truth be told I have had my doubts about my pregnancy since I haven't had any of the normal symptoms. So this was really going to be more of a confirmation for me that there really is a baby growing in my belly. 
First, they took me in to check my weight, blood pressure and temperature. My weight was 46.3 kilos (102 pounds) which means I've gained about 3 pounds since my last appointment a month ago (I did a small happy dance in my head since this was the first time in my life I've crossed the 100-pound threshold...leave it to pregnancy!) When the nurse took my blood pressure she said 'whoa! what happened??'...ummm it was something crazy like 152. Yeah. I was that nervous. When I told her that she said 'oh thats why'. Embarrassed face.

After a few more minutes of waiting we finally went in to see the doctor. As I was getting positioned on that table/bed thing you have to lay on I swear my blood pressure went up a few more points. Oh yeah and that gel stuff they put on your belly is COLD! Can't they heat that shiz up in the microwave or something? Anyways, Al and the doc were standing, I was laying down, and the second the doc put the ultrasound wand thingy on my belly...there it was! The most beautiful, amazing creature I've ever seen. And then it did something more amazing, it starting jumping and moving around! We all gasped and the doctor started laughing and said 'wow your baby already has some character!' She then pointed out where the head clearly was, and where the arms and legs are starting to form. We could also see the tissue in the center of the baby moving, which was the precious little heartbeat. How amazing it is that something so small could have a heartbeat!

Can you see the baby?

We just couldn't stop looking at it! I couldn't believe that that precious creature was growing in me. From that moment I knew I would love it unconditionally, and I wanted to protect it and provide the most comfortable environment so it can grow into a healthy and beautiful baby boy or girl...

After we tore ourselves away from the ultrasound, the doc told us that we should make an appointment to see an ultrasound specialist in three weeks at the same hospital. It would give us a much clearer picture, and if we're lucky could even show us if its a boy or girl! Now the hard part is trying to get an appointment with this woman...apparently she's the hottest ticket in town so wish me luck!

OH! And by the official due date is May 26 (give or take 10 days). YAY for a spring/summer baby!



  1. Noura I am BEYOND excited for you! You are going to be a great mom, and such a cute pregnant lady (although I must admit I kind of hate you for just now crossing the 100-lb mark!). I will be praying for a healthy pregnancy for you and the Little Bean. I love you and I CAN'T WAIT to see you!!

  2. Welcome to triple digits! I think more than a small happy dance was needed in this occasion however i will do the Carlton dance for you at my desk........ there.. congrats.

  3. i knew you could make it to 100! you did pretty damn good by yourself getting 99! little bebe was all you needed to push you over the edge! v-chat soon i want to see that bump. take pictures of it!