Saturday, October 9, 2010

Home Alone

This is my first test of being alone here for an extended period of time...Al's job requires him to go on oil rigs for days or sometimes even weeks at a time. I've been lucky cause since I got here Al has only left on a job for two days. But I knew that wasn't going to last. He left this past Thursday so this is my third day of being alone now, and he could be gone for another 10-14 days. While I know I'm ok alone here, and that I have Omar and Lina and May and all my other friends here to keep me occupied, it is depressing thinking he's going to be gone for that long. I wanted to wait for him to come back before I go to the doctor again because by now we can hear the baby's heartbeat, and I want him to be with me for that. But I'm wondering if I need to go to the doctor sooner...I just hope he doesn't take that long, but its really out of his control. 

A few random thoughts:
  • I have to have all the lights on and the tv on when I'm home alone. I feel like if its all quiet and I hear the trees rustling in the wind outside I'll freak myself out.
  • I figured out why they don't have dressing rooms for women here. As sure as I was that it was another uber-religious rule (and it still might have a little to do with it), it's because of the abayas. Apparently its a security issue because when they used to have dressing rooms a long time ago, some women were going in there to 'try on' clothes but instead were just wearing them on top of their clothes...which wouldn't show when they put their abaya back on over everything. Since you can't exactly ask a woman to take her abaya off, they were getting away with stealing and because of this, they took out dressing rooms for women altogether. Kinda makes sense...
  • I am so over school. I knew going back to study to get my MBA was going to be hard...but its brutal.
  • I get on on a daily basis to see if I can eat this or do that and if its normal not to have any morning sickness cause I have yet to experience any (apparently I'm just lucky). It's my first pregnancy...of course I'm going to be paranoid!
  • My hormones are ridiculous. I cry for no reason. Yesterday I cried watching the Celebrity Apprentice. Then I stop crying and laugh at myself for just crying at something so stupid. Then I pause and think oh my god...I really am going crazy. And then I cry again.
  • I have random thoughts about where I'm going to eat when I get to Nashville...every few minutes it's like oooo Bosco's....oh Las Palmas! Mmmmm Cracker Barrel...oh my god Mimi's...etc etc. I'm going to be huge.


  1. so i just found the link to your blog from jill's blog. . .1.) how did i miss your blog??? 2.) how did i miss that you are pregnant??? Congrats!!! I am so excited for you! I'm moving in November, but let me know when you'll be in Nash and I will try very hard to make it back home for the weekend!

  2. Ashley!! I'm so happy that you found a better job and hopefully you'll have fun living in 'bama :) i'll for sure get in touch with you when i'm in going to deliver in nashville so i'll be there for about 4 or 5 months so you'll have plenty of time to come in for the weekend! hopefully you'll find my blog interesting and i'll update it with everything i find out about my pregnancy so keep checking back! miss you so much and good luck with the move!