Monday, November 15, 2010

A blog about nothing...

Hey guys remember me? Yeah, it's been a be honest I haven't had anything remotely interesting going on in my life worth blogging about lately. So I've waited until I had enough random tid-bits to put together to make a semi-interesting blog post. Plus, its Monday and you know you weren't going to do any actual work enjoy!

Ok first and foremost, Eid Mubarak* to my family. Inshallah* next year we can go to Hajj* together :)

Pregnancy update:
  • Yes, we're having a boy! Thanks to 3D ultrasound technology we were able to find out the sex of our baby at only 11 weeks. His name will be Omar, and I've already started buying clothes for him hehe. 
  • I'm slowly getting bigger (from the front and rear unfortunately) and now I'm having a hard time wearing my jeans even with the rubber band holding them together instead of the zipper. I should probably go look for some maternity pants...
School update:
  • Still kicking my ass.
Bahrain update:
Awesome building in Bahrain
  • Me, Al, and our neighbor Walid went to Bahrain for the day a couple of weeks ago. It was Al's first time there (my second) and he loved it! It really is a breath of fresh air from the suffocating closed-mindedness in Saudi.
  • We went to a restaurant on the beach that served awesome Lebanese food and I officially out-ate both the guys. Then we went to this street called Shabab* Avenue which was had every kind of coffee house and fast food place you could think of all on one street. Definitely one of my favorite places in Bahrain so far.

Al and I at the Lebanese restaurant

 Other randoms:
  • Hoping to be back in Damascus in a few sister-in-law's engagement party is in December and I can't wait to go back there to celebrate with her and see our families. I really miss the organized chaos of the city, and a part of me even misses my daily cab ride adventures there. Let's hope they actually give my husband some time off...
  • The weather here has finally turned from blistering hot to almost-fall like! And quite suddenly too...we had a barbeque a few weeks back with some friends on the beach and once it got dark I was actually shivering cold. I sort of forgot what feeling cold was like. And then one day last week I heard a weird noise outside which turned out to be rain! Apparently, I forgot what rain sounded like...I love the desert.
Arab wordage: (as used in this post)
  • "Eid Mubarak"- Blessed Holiday. Islam has 2 main "eids"...One after Ramadan (called Eid Al-Futur) and one at the end of Hajj (called Eid Al-Adha). Eid Al-Adha officially starts tomorrow and lasts for 4 days.
  • "Hajj"- Pilgrimage. Muslims are supposed to make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lives. Mecca is about 16 hours west of Al Khobar, where I live. Saudi is a ridiculously huge country...
  • "Inshallah"- God willing. We say inshallah for, "are you going to Damascus anytime soon?" "yes, inshallah".
  • "Shabab"- slang for a group of guys...usually teenagers or 20-somethings. The counterpart to this would be "Sabaya" or a group of teenaged or 20-something girls.

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