Monday, October 24, 2011

A Letter to My 16-Year Old Self

I saw this on Good Morning America today...people writing letters to their 16-year old selves. I thought this would be fun considering I'm an entirely different person now than I was back then. Here goes:

Dear 16-year old Noura,

First of all, congratulations on failing your driver's test. Idiot. Yeah, it was nervewracking and the DMV bitch shouldn't have had you in such a crowded part of town...but backing up into a van full of kids because you got the gas and brake pedals mixed up is just retarded. And the fantastic part is, that poor Chevy Tracker of yours will be put through so much of your torturous driving this first year. You will get to know the bottom of many a ditch, and even have people at school convinced that you died because of the odd angle you somehow managed to stick your car into in a ditch right outside of school (and its going to need a second tow truck to get you out so just go ahead and call for two right off the bat). No worries though, you'll get better at driving (although you'll still be as daring) and you'll actually drive a super-fast, super-hot sports car for a few years (*tear, miss you Gigi...).

Second, although you'll break out of your shell once you get to college, you really should try to break out of it earlier. There's this whole other you deep down in there...a you that doesn't care so much about what other people think (and boy is that liberating!), and who is free to be the goofy, sarcastic and outspoken person she really is. People will love that about you, and you'll meet so many more people this way. No need to be so shy and soft-spoken and afraid, you're going to get walked all over that way and trust me, that's no fun. So go ahead, give it a shot...stand up for yourself, be confident! It's ok to be different.

Your close group of friends right now will pretty much stay the same for the rest of your life. So keep these gals close, they're the real deal, and don't let a certain someone try to walk all over you and come between you all. You all will survive this person's tactics to break you up, so just keep that in mind while you're apologizing for something you didn't do.

Oh, and that perm you decided to get last year, I could've killed you for that! You fried your could you?? No one in their right mind would think that perm + short hair + bangs = good looking. You can thank that stupid mistake for the frizzy hair you'll have in your senior pictures. Bah! But the good news is, you wont be the shortest girl around anymore in a few years, you'll actually be considered average or even tall compared to other women your age. You'll always be skinny so just embrace it...and don't be afraid to work the rear ;) you may not realize this now, but its definitely an ASSet!

Ah yes, and I'm sure you want to know....boys will notice you, eventually. At least once you discover makeup and this magical device called a hair straightener (if you wouldn't have gotten that perm things would have looked up for you muuuch sooner). Also helps when you start being more outgoing and break out of your shell in college. But try not to be so emotionless...even though you'll build up a wall for the right reasons, its going to be pretty hard to tear it down once that right man comes along and it will save you many arguments if you knew how to show your feelings in the first place. 

Which brings me to marriage. Yes, contrary to what your mother says, you will get married (and learn how to cook). Yes, he will be an Arab guy, and yes, he will be the most wonderful person you'll ever meet, and you'll know right off the bat that he's the one. Fate will bring you two together in the most unsuspecting place and time, so brace yourself...its going to hit you faster than you can say "my big fat Arab wedding". Oh yeah, and you'll have a baby by age 26 and quit your career to move back to Syria with your husband and eventually become a stay-at-home mom. Hello? You still there? Just wanted to make sure you didn't have a heart-attack. I know...its so different than what you've always thought for yourself but trust me, its the best thing that could ever happen to you and you wouldn't be able to picture it any other way once it happens. :)

A few other notes: 
  • 9/11 was traumatizing on other Muslims as well...and no, they're not going to put all Muslims in concentration camps now like you think. But you will have to endure annoying extra airport security when you travel. Try not to pack too much in your carry-on.
  • Your love for travel will help you as your life changes and you move to new places. Always keep an open mind and an open heart.
  • Wear sunscreen. Even if its foggy on the beach.
  • Don't try to google the benefits of breastfeeding at work. They will think you're a perv and block you from the Victoria's Secret website when all you want to do is look at swimsuits.
Lastly, live your life to its fullest, make good choices, don't worry about what everyone else thinks or does, blah blah blah. You get it. Or, well, you will anyway. Life is good, and you are very blessed...always be thankful. Oh yeah, and that party you're going to have while you're housesitting for your neighbor the summer of high school graduation....yeah that is NOT a good idea. But damn, it's going to be fun ;)


Future Noura

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