Saturday, January 22, 2011


My goings-on over the past few weeks in bulletpoints:
  • finished winter mini-term classes, then got a whole 2 day break before starting two more classes for Spring semester...this MBA is starting to get on my nerves.
  • speaking of Spring semester, my finals end on May 3 (once again, on my birthday). I know that's still a few weeks away from my due date, but I still have to pray that baby Omar holds off his grand entrance until after finals...
  • Al and I bought all our baby nursery stuff from IKEA (of course) and my project now is getting everything in its place and organized before I leave for Nashville. We've also gotten new coffee tables and are in the process of getting our couches re-upholstered in the living room, as well as trying to fully decorate and  'fill up' the house. I feel like we're going through a scaled down version of 'Extreme Home Makeover' sans Ty Pennington...
  • got a couple of "Real Housewives"-style events coming up with the Schlumberger Spouses Association:
    • Jan. 26: Ladies Night (Open buffet? Yep, I'll be there)
    • Feb. 3:  International Day (representing the homeland, should be interesting!)
    • Feb. 13: Valentine's Day party (which I probably won't attend if Al goes out of town)
  • Al's got a job coming up possibly on the 12th of February, which means he's not likely to be in town to take me to the airport on the 18th :( its at times like these I wish he had a normal 9-5 job...
  • went to the doctor last week and got my labwork back...thankfully, everything is normal :) We also got to see Omar in 3D again which was even more amazing this time. He has grown so much and you can see his facial features pretty clearly now...he looks just like his daddy! Doc said I shouldn't have any trouble with the overseas flight next month so that was a relief.
  • 27 days until I'm back in the US!! I can almost smell the Mexican food...
Baby Omar at 21 weeks!


  1. international day!? i love it! omies does look just like alaa!! so freakin cute.

  2. yes international day is going to be awesome...we have people from all over the world in the company so all the different countries display food and cultural stuff and dances and we have a huge parade in the compound. i'll take lots of pics!!