Monday, September 13, 2010

Holiday Madness

Ok, I know its been a while since I updated this but only because I've barely been home since Eid started this past Friday. Eid is basically a 4-day holiday celebrating the end of Ramadan so its pretty much a food-fest. We've gone out to eat every day for lunch (Casper & Gambini's, Quizno's, chinese food, and Chili's). We hung out with some of our friends and also took Ziad (my cousin Omar's 5 year old son) out to play some games (which we took a part of as well as the pic below entails).
Bumper cars are for adults too!!

 I got to see a good deal of the tri-cities area (Khobar, Dammam, and Dhahran) that I hadn't seen before. Turns out that Khobar (the city our house is in) has a great waterfront area (called the Cornishe) on the gulf with all sorts of restaurants, shops, and places to picnic along the water...
Driving along the waterfront...that's a small lake in between
Yes, that's a Starbucks!!
Shops on the Cornishe
Fancy water tower in the gulf.

I can't wait till the weather cools off a bit so we can spend some more time out there...hopefully in the next month or so, the winters are supposed to be great here!

Thankfully, Al got to spend all of Eid here without having to go out on a job, but he's supposed to leave in the next few days for about a week or so, so I'll be getting my first shot at surviving alone here soon...although I don't really consider myself alone. My cousin and his wife have been amazing and I know I have them here if I need anything, and I've gotten to be really great friends with my neighbor May (poor thing her husband has been gone for 2 weeks now!) so I think I'm going to be ok :) I definitely need some time to catch up on my school week in and I'm already behind! Where are my textbooks anyway?!?! They still haven't made it here...dammit.

Al and I at our favorite hangout...Ole Cafe!
 Tonight I'm hosting a dinner party for Omar and Lina and May so it will be my first time cooking here...wish me luck!!


  1. ok...when you were saying "ole cafe" before i just thought you were calling it the ol' cafe. not that it was the name of it! do you pronounce it like "olay" as in...circus olay?

  2. hahaha well i actually was just saying the 'ol cafe' cause we're like there everyday. but yeah it is called "olay" cafe im just retarded and didnt think about the confusion involved with calling it that...hehe oops!